Viking Conquest is the latest game for Mount&Blade Warband

Set at a crucial turning point in history, the game covers the Great Heathen Invasion under Halfdan Ragnarsson, the desperate defenses by Alfred the Great and Rhodri Mawr, the emergence of Alba from the ashes of the Pict and Gael dynasties in Scotland, the unification of Norway under Harald Finehair, and the continuing internecine political struggles for the throne of the High King in Ireland. In story mode, the player will meet many of these leading figures as he or she gets sucked into the grand events of the era.

This single and multiplayer DLC advances the setting of Brytenwalda to the early Viking Age, complete with authentic scenes and cultures. The stories follow complex plots; often no choice is right, but every choice has consequences. Standard sandbox mode includes expanded options, controls, events, and features, including starting as a lord or ruler. Online battling also takes on its own flavour, with special modes like Coastal Assault and Warlord. 

Publisher: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Release Date Original Viking Conquest: December 11, 2014 

Release Date Expansion Reforged Edition:  July 27, 2015

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I Fought in Hæthfelth
Brytenwalda, the novella

English and Spanish version


It's the Year of our Lord 633.

Again the horns sound in the lands of old Britannia, calling men to war. This time, the forces of the Angles of the North prepare to face the Britons and their new allies, the Angles of the South.

A heath-covered moor is the fated battlefield where the ambitions of three kings will collide. Many men of Deira and Bernaccia, Gwynedd and Mierce will spill their blood there, mixing it equally between that of brother and enemy. Some will live to remember having fought in Hæthfelth. The rest will be food for the crows; they will not hear if the bards remember their names.

Found among them is Eappa, one more among those who have been obliged to exchange plow for the spear and fight in the army of their lord. In the tense wait in the shield wall, Eappa confronts his own despair. But when the shields clash, he must either find the courage to oppose fear, blood, and iron -- or perish.

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