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Brytenwalda Mod is a deep conversion of the Mount&Blade Warband game by TaleWorlds Entertainment. One may play the single player mode as a lowly but ambitious commoner, traveling an open world in search of opportunities, gathering friends, trading over land and sea, and building the support to start a kingdom.

Alternatively, one may test one's mettle against other players in memorable Dark Age settings.

It was just a non-commercial diversion to the team of talented enthusiasts that first came together to make it. Its subsequent success was overwhelming, with more than a million and a half downloads and positive reviews across the Internet and paper press. 

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Release Date: September 28, 2012

I Fought in Hæthfelth
Brytenwalda, the novella

English and Spanish version


It's the Year of our Lord 633.

Again the horns sound in the lands of old Britannia, calling men to war. This time, the forces of the Angles of the North prepare to face the Britons and their new allies, the Angles of the South.

A heath-covered moor is the fated battlefield where the ambitions of three kings will collide. Many men of Deira and Bernaccia, Gwynedd and Mierce will spill their blood there, mixing it equally between that of brother and enemy. Some will live to remember having fought in Hæthfelth. The rest will be food for the crows; they will not hear if the bards remember their names.

Found among them is Eappa, one more among those who have been obliged to exchange plow for the spear and fight in the army of their lord. In the tense wait in the shield wall, Eappa confronts his own despair. But when the shields clash, he must either find the courage to oppose fear, blood, and iron -- or perish.

Brytenwalda, the table game

The Brytenwalda experience is also available in a rule set that will allow you to recreate battles and raids during the so-called British “Age of Arthur” and Saxon invasion. In Brytenwalda, you'll play a chieftain during the Dark Ages, commanding his men in defense of their homelands or looting and burning those belonging to your enemies.

The Dark Ages were an extremely violent era, filled with a great number of battles and raids, but only a few were detailed in the chronicles -- usually decisive pitched battles or those in which an important person died. Brytenwalda is focused on the kinds of battles which the modern war gamer would call a “skirmish." While you won't be able to re-enact the Battle of Hastings in Brytenwalda, you'll have plenty of fun leading a band of Scots-Irish pirates, a group of Saxon raiders or a unit of Romano-British pedites patrolling the frontier.

Author: Endakil

Downloads: DELUXE or B/W

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